Jacques Marsa Founder & Organizer

Opera Of Paris

Soloist, Ballet master of the Opera of the Rhine, the Ballet of Basel (Swiss)
Titular professor International/of his CA of professor of dance
After having had its 1st Price of the Higher National Academy of Music and Dance of Paris, Class of Brieux Master, Jacques Marsa are engaged in the corps de ballet of the Opera of Paris per Claude Bessy at that time Directrice of the Ballet.
After several years it climbs the levels and passes to the rank of Coryphaeus.
It at that time organizes spectacles as an organizer and a choreographer in various festivals in midday amongst other things Festival of Arles, of Nimes, of Nice, of Sète, Narbonne, Chin, Dax etc… with Claire Motte, Georges Piletta, Stars of the Opera of Paris and Claude Devulpian, Florence Clerc, Richard Duquesnoy, Josselyn Bosser, Martine Vuillermoz, Guy Vareilhes etc…
In 1974 he created his Company of Ballet Horizons Dances Company which gathers a dozen dancers of which amongst other things Dominique Bagouet who is one of the soloists.
He takes part in many festivals of summer in the South of France and is selected to take part in the Festival of the Theater of the Champs Elysées whose Art director is Youli Algaroff.
In 1975 Robert Hossein and Georges Skibine ask Jacques Marsa to take part in the Creation of the Ballet Shéhérazade d' Aminollahh André Hossein. It is engaged as Soliste, Ballet master, Chorégraphe and Professor. Many rounds are organized and a few months after the beginning of the Company Jacques Marsa are promoted as administrator. It is him who will organize the round in Iran.
In 1976 Jacques Marsa is chosen by Peter Van Dyck as Soliste, Ballet master and Professor of the Ballets of the Rhine to the Opera of Strasbourg.
In 1979 Jacques Marsa becomes and Professor Ballet master of the Company of the Ballet of Basle Artistic director Heinz Spöerli.
In 1981 Jacques Marsa directs his school of Dance in Verneuil on the Seine, Ville or he will become successively General adviser of Yvelines and Maire and that until 2001.
In 2000 Creation of the Child King to the Castle of Versailles with Maurice Béjart.
In 2001 Professor invited to the contemporary School of dance in Montreal Direction Didier Chirpaz.
In 2004 Jacques Marsa organizes in partnership ave the University of contemporary ballet of Montreal the 1st Contest of dance which takes place in Cayenne in French Guiana, members of the Jury, Claude Devulpian principal dancer of the Opera of Paris, Professor to the higher National Academy of Music and Dance of Paris, and Francoise Vaussenat Directrice of the studies of the University of contemporary ballet of Montreal.
Jacques Marsa is professor invited in many schools of dance in France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Italy, Switzerland, Spain.
1999 Jacques Marsa inaugurates Space Maurice Béjart with the Choreographer, they implement there this day the creation of “the child King” at the Castle of Versailles which will take place in the year 2000;
2003 Jacques Marsa is Directeur of an Arts center in Yvelines.
2006 Jacques Marsa is named Acting general of the Festival of Avignon Off.
2007 Jacques Marsa created BALLET DANCES INTERNATIONAL
2006/2012 Jacques Marsa is invited as Professor in many schools in France, Belgium, Canada, New Caledonia, Polynésie French, Italy, Spain, Romania.
2010 Jacques Marsa created the Contest of dance BALLET DANCES INTERNATIONAL in LILLE METROPOLIS. the variations are carried out by Jacques Marsa at the University of contemporary ballet of Montreal Quebec Canada.
In 2011 the contest with place in Durbuy Barvaux in Belgium, the variations is carried out by Jacques Marsa at the university of Cannes Rosella Hightower, direction Paola Cantalupo, and the contemporary variations are made by Valerie Lacaze in Rudra Béjart Lausanne Direction Michel Gascard, in 2012 the contest took place with Durbuy Barvaux Belgium and the variations are carried out by Jacques Marsa at the royal School of ballet of Antwerp Artistic director Michael Shannon.
In October 2012, Jacques Marsa is invited during one week to give the courses to RUDRA BEJART LAUSANNE direction Michel Gascard.
Jacques Marsa is invited to the training course of August at the royal school of ballet of Antwerp.(2011/2012)
In March 2013 the international contest of dance took place the 16 & March 17th with Durbuy Belgium.
In January 2015 Turned Masterclass to Australia and News-élande (several schools of Ballet will be visited in Auckland, Sydney, Melbourne, Cambera, Gold Coast etc….).
A contest International PETIPA took place in QUEBEC in the Month of May 2015 to the large Theater of Quebec (Canada)
In July 2015 Turned Masterclass to Australia (several schools of Ballet were visited in Sydney, Perth, Gol Coast, Shinne Coast, Canberra
Contest PETIPA will take place in November 2015.
The international Contest of dance PETIPA is established in Brussels with one gala evening with the soloists of the National Opera of the Rhine, Workshop RUDRA BEJART LAUSANNE, Caroline Noane and Julien Collin, one evening splendid to see the extracts in cliquantici.
In 2015 the variations of the traditional contests were carried out in the John Cranko School (Stutgart-Germany)
In 2015 the contemporary variations were carried out with the Workshop Rudra Béjart (Lausanne-Switzerland)
In 2016 the variations of the contest were carried out at the University of dance of Cannes Rosella Hightower.
In 2017 the variations of the contest will be carried out at the École Nationale Supérieure of Dance of Marseilles.