You will be registered like Candidat (E)
Follow the recommendations well below:
Action 1:  Make your inscription like individual, or (and) group.
For the groups do not forget that the candidates registered into individual do not pay their participation in the group (ex: 1 individual inscription = 1 inscription groups free/2= 2/1 individual + 2 groups = 1 paying with the group) daans the final form put a cross beside the name of that or that which does not pay, we will make the checking)
Action 2: In second place select below the discipline, the category, if you have several inscriptions to do done the ones after the others, and also if you are of female sex or masculine. That will give you the amount automatically to regulate us.
Action 3: Regulate and will pay, at the end of this procedure you will be able to return your card of inscription which will be sent to us automatically at the end of the procedure, take the time to fill it, all your inscriptions can be thus made in once on this form.